The Challenge


Regular physical activity can lead to a longer life. But sometimes it’s hard to do on your own. Why not have fun being active together!

We’ve set up the challenge, now is the time to form or join your team and start contributing miles to reach Newham’s 1,000,000 mile target over 100 days!


  • Join or create a team of any size – work colleagues, friends, youth club members etc
  • Clock up your miles by walking, running, swimming or cycling. If you would rather play sports, train in the gym, do aerobic classes, yoga or pilates to cover some miles then our unique Distance Calculator will convert pretty much any form of physical activity to miles. If any activity is missing from our Distance Calculator then simply email us and we will add it
  • We recommend that as a minimum you should aim to cover 1 mile per day
  • You can cover your miles anywhere, at any time
  • Log your activities directly on your account page

Team Captain

Every team needs a team captain to select, organise and motivate their team.

Team Member

Join a team today and play your part irrespective of age, ability or fitness level. All you need to know is the name of the team you wish to join.