The Challenge


Education is not just about the classroom based teaching of traditional subjects. Given modern lifestyles it is incredibly important to teach children the importance of health & wellbeing and nutrition and how these can be directly linked to many modern day illnesses. Newham’s Million Miles Together challenge provides schools with a platform to raise awareness in a fun interactive way. It also allows for some friendly class competition whilst promoting a real sense of local community. The kids will enjoy seeing how their after school activities can make a real difference to the overall Newham target of covering 1,000,000 miles in 100 days!


  • Register each of the classes in your school and watch the kids clock up their miles
  • Clock up your miles by walking, running, swimming or cycling. PE classes, walking to and from school, walking the dog and any after school activities and clubs all count towards the class total. Our unique Distance Calculator will convert pretty much any form of physical activity to miles. If any activity is missing from our Distance Calculator then simply email us and we will add it.
  • We recommend that as a minimum you should aim to cover 1 mile per day
  • You can cover your miles anywhere, at any time.
  • Log your activities directly on your account page.